Things to look into

Brass making

  • How to roll it
  • Whereabouts was it made
  • Zinc infusing pre or post sheet rolling
  • Separate trade?


Aglets as a business

  • Standalone business?
  • Contract worker? (Someone brings you the materials, you make stuff?)
  • How many per hour/day do you have to make
    • Compare to other trades (buttons, needles, etc)
    • Look in the Medici books
  • Was the leatherworking (dying, currying etc) part of the nestler's trade?
  • What was the common unit of sale (a dozen?)



  • How to make the various colours
  • What the tools used were (e.g. the moon knives)
  • What animal?
  • Do different thicknesses, animals, etc make a difference to the aglets and how easy they are to make



  • Investigate and experiment with different materials and patterns
  • Silk
  • Linen


Decorated aglets

  • Tools required
  • Other decorative features beyond the spirals



  • How to make these work
  • Does the cord get riveted in place before rolling the aglet?
  • Iron, copper, other?


Annealing brass

  • Is it needed
  • Annealing techniques
  • Cleaning the brass afterwards
  • Who would have done this?