Early music

A few years ago now, some generous friends gave me some recorders - two tenors and an alto. I hadn't played a recorder (or any instrument) since I was a child, and it seemed like a fun thing to learn.

Some years go by, and I find myself playing renaissance style wooden recorders and favouring playing bass, great bass and contra-bass (it's taller than I am), and reading from facsimiles of 13th-16th century music instead of just from modern transcriptions. If you play (or sing) early music and have the time, I encourage you to look at learning to read from facsimiles; there is a lot more music out there in the original notation than there is in modern transcriptions, and there's something about reading it as it was written that helps you to understand and perform it as the composer probably intended.


- Plica (or, why Alle Psallite has two more notes in it than I thought)