Extant, modern and commercial aglets


A lineup of some extant aglets, several that I've made (the ones on cords) and one modern commercial aglet.

From left to right:

  • Extant type 1 aglet, no obvious pin hole
  • Extant type 1 aglet, no obvious pin hole
  • Reproduction aglet, type 1
  • Reproduction aglet, type 1
  • Reproduction aglet, type 1 (someone asked me how small a cord I could attach an aglet to, this wasn't the smallest!)
  • Extant type 1 aglet, pin hole goes all the way through
  • Extant type 1 aglet, very small hole on one side, possible trace of a hole on the back
  • Extant type 1 aglet, two pin holes
  • Reproduction type 1 aglet, my first attempt at pinning
  • Reproduction type 1 aglet, a later attempt at pinning, but still noticably thicker wire than the extant aglets
  • Extant type 2 aglet
  • Extant type 2 aglet
  • Reproduction type 2 aglet, which got bent during day-to-day use and looks very similar to one of the extant ones
  • Reproduction type 2 aglet
  • Modern commercial aglet