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Foes (and occasional allies, not that ALFs needs them) honourable and dishonourable. ALF's Imperial Army has fought against many, many enemies. Members of the Labour Party, anarchists' groups, disabled children, motorcycle enthusiasts and mud-covered nudists have all been dispatched as threats to the honour and sway of the British crown. Barbaric, barely house-broken university students, grouped into mobs according to their college or departmental affiliations were some of the very first to feel the sharp end of ALF justice. Here are some of the more common enemy forces.        

Asian Ancestral Army
A pacifist warfare group based around the Ancestral Restaurant in Christchurch. They mustered once a year around Chinese New Year to fight against the forces of British Imperialism, and were exceptionally numerous. They were first formed in 2002, but are currently inactive.
Aunt Fanny's Sewing and Terrorism Circle
Active when and as they see fit, the Aunt Fannys sometimes partake in battles, but other times sit on the sidelines picnicking and decrying the vulgarity of it all. Their battle-cry is "Make tea, not war!"
Black Macs
The Black Macs are a Nelson based free company, who fight alongside ALFs or the McGillicuddies as the mood takes them. In modern times they take the field as a sinister black-uniformed and helmeted goon squad. Historically they styled themselves as Hussars. Their commanding officer is Colin Lewis.
Caledonian Societies
Many Highland and Gaelic societies have taken the field against ALFs to continue their centuries old self-styled war against English oppression. We really can't see what their problem is.
Cthulhu Cults
Collectively, any one of a number of schismatic mock-cults dedicated to ending the world by opening the gates to the Elder Gods of Lovecraftian Horror Fiction. They've been active at least since 1988, although like all occultish organisations they probably claim to date back to Atlantis (R'lyeh) and be part of a sinister global conspiracy or something. They're fond of necromancy and monster summoning as battlefield tactics.
Czar's Army of the South, First Lindskii Regiment
A regiment of Czarist Russians who have competed for influence with ALFs in the hills and flats of Dunedin. They infiltrated the Otago shore batteries via the back route of Mornington in 1989.
The militant arm of the Green Party have fought it out with ALFs to defend their alleged right to not wear ties, and for failing to celebrate the Queen Mother's Birthday with due reverence. A giant carrot threw in its lot with the forces of ALF on the latest occasion, putting an end to the myth subscribed to by the Greens that all that tree-hugging has put nature on their side. ALF's Imperial Army know that trees secretly want to be carved into ornate furniture and get very tired from standing up all the time, and so are quite glad to be chopped down.
K.A.O.S. / K.E.A.
ALFs have been fighting sporadically with militias raised by K.A.O.S, or Killing As Organised Sport, since 1981. A military arm of K.A.O.S, K.E.A. or the KAOS Expeditionary Army was formed in 2002, with specific responsibility for Pacifist Warfare (amongst other things). Containing such diverse elements as tanks, pirates, robots and troops in power armour and school-kilts, this seems more concerned with organisation than real discipline. They like to employ water-guns and war-machines.
Clan McGillicuddy
Currently undergoing a resurgence around the Takaka region. For a long time, the McGillicuddies were ALF's main opposition. The McGillicuddy Highland Army possessed substantial regiments of its own up and down the land, and were forever trying to grab territory and livestock for their own purposes, involving particularly the conversion of New Zealand to a medieval clan-based society (AKA "The Great Leap Backwards"). Although the regiments were disbanded, the Clan McGillicuddy still takes the field once or twice a year.
Maruia Muckslinging Militia
The Maruia Muckslinging militia have declared war on Her Majesty from their leader Macbeth's country seat four times, just for fun alone. Life's pretty cheap to that type.
New Carthaginian Light Marine Infantry
Based in Dunedin, they are well equipped with large shields, padded armour and large foam weapons. Recently they've begun to employ artillery as well. Formed in 2002.

There is too little space here to do justice to the Spanish Armada, the Alexandra Zulus, Mount Aspiring Highlanders, the Ben Ohau Republican Army Auxiliaries, the Rakaia Rough Riders, and many others, that have also taken the field against ALFs.

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